About Me


As far back as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by my father’s paintings, sketches, and drawings. His encouragement influenced my development and I became more serious in my artistic endeavors. I grew to develop my own unique style by experiencing the diversity that life offers through travel and exposure to multiple cultures. Initially an oil painter, I was gradually drawn toward the bold and clean graphics seen on vintage signage and posters which led me to the art form of screen printing. This form of artistic expression is the perfect media to bring my dreams and fantasy worlds into reality for others to experience on a daily basis. The versatility and simplicity of screen printing allows for the fusion of my original designs and vintage up-cycled apparel to transform them together into wearable art. SaltKat will continue to evolve with my mission to express messages of authenticity to oneself and to simply live Wild and Free.
        ~ Bacee
"Bacee, the creator of apparel and print brand SaltKat designs both edgy and whimsical graphics in Salt Lake City. Going from a part-time to a full0time artist int eh last seven years, the Salt Lake native puts all his energy into his graphics. Traveling around the world, taking inspiration from scenery, animals, and mythical creatures, Bacee's work combines imagination and wonder with the mundane. Mermaids and beehives, humanistic forest animals by the fire, or a bad-ass "Cherry Bomb" fighter, Bacee creates his brand through his edgy illustrations. All made sustainably through up cycled and thrifted pieces, Bacee puts the vintage back in his apparel, reworking his pieces into wearable art."
~ India Skye